Course Cancellation: Enrollment is limited and registration is taken on a first come first serve basis. Aqua Culture reserves the right to cancel a course based on low enrollment although this rarely occurs. Student minimums are set by the American Red Cross and will be honored. If a scheduled course is to be cancelled, all registrants will be notified two weeks in advance. All tuition will be applied to another course or fully refunded. Aqua Culture will exercise this right only when absolutely necessary. We understand that your job may depend on successful completion of a course.

Red Cross Digital Certificates: The Red Cross Digital Certificate gives customers, instructors and course participants anytime, anywhere access to Red Cross certificates. After the course record is submitted, successful students are emailed a link to their Red Cross Digital Certificate. Blended learning students will be able to download their certificates from the Red Cross Learning Center. You can print out 8½” x 11″ or wallet-size cards on regular business card cardstock. The digital certificate is available for download at anytime during the period of certification. Employers can verify authenticity of certificates simply by scanning the unique QR code on each certificate.

Participant Manuals: Participant manuals for all Red Cross courses are available digitally. Classroom copies are available onsite during class sessions. Printed manuals for participants to keep are available for additional fee.
Click here for digital manuals

Practice & Preparation Opportunities: Lifeguarding and Water Safety Instructor Course Participants are urged to practice your swimming skills before and during their course. We offer rec swim opportunities via SignUpGenius. Currently registered Lifeguarding and Water Safety Instructor Course Participants are eligible to sign up. You must be enrolled in a course to use the following times. If you need to bring a partner who is not registered in a course to practice your skills, they must have a registration form on file and there will be a $5 fee charged. Lap lane and deep pool availability subject to number of patrons and availability of lifeguards. Sign up here
Sign up here

Virtual Pool & Spa Operator Training – Aqua Culture Training Center is continuing our partnership with Starfish Aquatics Institute (SAI) to offer the AquaTech Pool Operator Course. To maximize your flexibility and accommodate personal safety guidelines the course is now available in a virtual online experience. The Starfish Aquatic Institute (SAI) Proudly Offers the AquaTech Difference: The First Pool Operator Certification approved by the Council for the Model Aquatic Health Code! Now available in a virtual online experience. The course has also been vetted and approved by the Maryland Department of Health. Participants are welcome to schedule an appointment to work with a certified pool operator to ask questions or view a system in operation during the self study portion of the Aqua Tech Pool Operator Course.
Click here to find out more course information and register for the course. Registration for virtual course is directly through SAI. (Note: Many participants have opted for the blended learning course option, preferring to have some hands-on experience and the opportunity to intereact in a hands-on session with other participants and the instructor.)

Registration: Every participant must complete the registration through iClassPro prior to participating in any Aqua Culture Training Center course. Class placement will not be secured until age verification, a copy of the front and back of previously earned certifications (if you are taking a review course), and payment in full received by the ACTC office. Age verification should be in the form of a drivers license, birth certificate or passport. Enrollment is limited and registration will be taken on a first come first serve basis.

Withdrawal: Payment is required for enrollment. Attendance is 100% mandatory. Age verification must be submitted. There will be no refunds. A request to transfer to another course will be honored 14 days prior to the first scheduled day of the course, if available (There will be a $75 fee and online course work may need to be repeated.) If the participant fails to complete any portion of the pre-course or course, 50% of the tuition may be applied to the same course for the same participant within a calendar year.

Failure to Complete: NO Refunds are given to an individual who fails to complete the pre-course or who fails to successfully pass both the practical and the written exams. Students who do not meet the prerequisites will not be allowed to continue with the course, since the standards and quality of the course would be compromised, as well as the safety of the participants. If the participant fails to complete any portion of the pre-course or course, 50% of the tuition (up to $100.00) may be applied to the same course for the same participant within a calendar year, if available. Please plan ahead.

Attendance: 100% attendance is mandatory for all courses. Lateness will not be acceptable and will be justification for course failure according the American Red Cross, Starfish Aquatic and the State of Maryland guidelines.