New Swim School Mangement Software and Tuition Increase Details

What You Need to Know and Do! A tuition increase is coming and you can avoid the increase.

What does iClassPro do?
  • All family registration and personal information will managed through customer portal or app. Data for existing and previous swimmer families was migrated to iClassPro with the exception of financial information.
  • Financial transactions managed by you through the portal or app. Your finanical information stored by the bank/debit processing company not encrpyted within Aqua Culture software.
  • Touch less check in (Coming Soon)
  • Tracks skills and level promotions
Tuition Increase! You can avoid a tuition increase!

We have managed to avoid our annual swim lesson tuition increase for a decade, yes we have not increased our tuition since 2011. Its time to get back on track. You can avoid the tuition increase by activating, accepting policies and updating your account information. Your account will continue at the monthly or yearly 2022 tuition rate as long as your swimmer is continually enrolled. Once again; to lock in 2022 tuition rates you must set up your iClass family account, accept policies, verify personal information and set payment method no later than January 31st, 2023. On February 1st, 2023 tuition rates will increase from $85 monthly / $850 yearly to $89 monthly and $890 yearly. All new bookings, both new swimmers and reenrolling swimmers will be enrolled at the new tuition rates. There are only two options with the new tuition plan, we have treminated the high rate pay as you go tuition option.

What do YOU need to do?
  • Aqua Culture Swim School is excited to announce our transition to a new class management software system, effective immediately! This new system adds many new capabilities that enhance the customer experience as well as many new administrative capabilities to better serve you. All family registration and account set up is web based, no more paper forms. Note there will be a tuition increase on February 1st, 2023 that you can avoid by completing the following steps.
  • For CURRENTLY REGISTERED families signing into the new portal for the first time, please download the iClassPro from your app store or click Select Forgot Password to select a new password using your email address currently on file with us. iClass will automatically send you an email to create your personalized password and login.
  • RETURNING FAMILIES wanting to lock in 2022 tuition rates follow the same steps then email to schedule an assessment and register before January 31st.
  • If your email is not recognized, but you have a registered swimmer, please contact us at You may have more than one email associated with your account and another email was made primary during the data migration. Please DO NOT set up a new account. If you have a currently registered swimmer their booking is already associated with your family account. If you make a new account you will have duplicate counts two to maintain.
  • After resetting your password, sign into your family account, accept policies and verify your profile information.
  • Provide financial information for future transactions via iClass; 1. Click on Payments 2. Go to Add Payment Info and save.
  • NEW FAMILIES are welcome visit the customer portal and set up an account. To lock in 2022 tuition rates follow the same steps then email to schedule an assessment and complete the registeration before 1/31/23.
  • All incomplete account updates will be seen as new enrollments at the 2023 tuition rates. Families not currenlty registered and not planning on registering before 1/31/23 have not actions to complete.
Future capabilities that we will bring online (watch for updates):
  • Rec swim sign ups
  • Withddrawal requests through the customer portal and app.
  • Buy snack credit cards and stop worrying about finding change
  • Track your swimmers process
  • Digital gift cards
  • Yearly tuition families will be able to view yearly benefits status

Note: Please remember that fees for competitive focused programs like Stroke Lab and USA Team are handled though the Swim Team website.

Swim Lessons

Join the Aqua Culture Club and get lessons for a year and added benefits valued at more than $650. Other tuition available for automatic debit on a perpetual basis or custom plans with a minimum of 10 weeks of lessons. Please contact our office for an explanation of the payment policies and procedures. Tuition costs vary based on the method of payment.

Tuition includes a 30 minute lesson every week for the duration of the term. It also includes scheduled rec swim times throughout the week, which are free of charge to all enrolled students and their parents. Sign up by clicking here.

Please email to schedule an assessment. For more information please click assessment. Due to our small class size we require all new students to come in for an in the water evaluation so that we can maximize the potential for proper placement.

For more information call us today!

Tuition Payment

Please use the button below to pay tuition. Button can be used to pay monthly auto debit or yearly tuition amounts. After submitting payment email to ensure that your payment is properly noted in your account.