Our Facilities include:

  • 20 Yard Teaching Pool – Divided into teaching areas
  • State of the Art Filtration and Sanitation.
  • Huge Happy Duck Slide.
  • Warm Water (just about 90 degrees).
  • Large Observation Room for parents to observe their child(ren)’s swimming lessons.
  • Play Area to keep siblings busy with developmentally appropriate toys.
  • Family Changing Rooms and Pop-ups instead of locker rooms.

Help Keep Our Facilities Top Notch – Pool Etiquette, Good Health and Safety Practices

  • Have Little Ones Wear Reusable Swim Underwear – Fecal contamination is a serioius health issue. Please remember that Aqua Culture Swim School has strict policies concerning health and safety, including: “All children under the age of 5 must wear a cloth, snug fitting, reusable swim diaper. Absolutely, No Exceptions” No disposable swim diapers. Reuseable swim diapers, or as we prefer to call them swim underwear, are more cost effective, healthier and better for the environment. Fecal incidents most frequently occur with children who are potty trained and 3 years old or older. The excitement of being in the pool and playing with friends is distracting and the warm water can make things happen quickly. In those cases where the little swimmer was wearing appropriate swim gear the incident was uneventful. However, a “Winnie” (as in, the Pooh) incident where the swimmer is not wearing the appropriate swim gear may result in a pool closure of 8 hours.

  • Take Your Shoes Off If You Go On Deck or Wear Shoe Coverings – A returning parent reminded us that before COVID we had a No Shoes On Deck policy. This policy helped keep the pool clean and healthy. Dirt and debris that is carried onto the deck eventually ends up in the pool. Please remove your shoes or use the blue shoe coverings if you need to go on deck.

  • Follow Good Safety Practices and Observe Pool Etiquette During Rec Swim Times – Rec swim guidelines: Parents need to be in the water unless the swimmer is 6 or older and at least level 3B. Any floatation devices must be coast guard approved and the use of a floatation device does not override the need for the parent to be in the water. A parent must be on deck with all swimmers even if the parent is not required to be in the water. Constant supervision is a key element to water safety. The duck slide and the large mats like the hippo or slide are for swim school staff use only. During rec swim the lap lane is a shared space with one group at the shallow end of the lane and a second group in the deeper end.

  • Let the Teachers Do Their Job Without Distractions – Sitting on the deck along the wall with the observations windows is a safety issue and potential distraction for swimmers in class. It is also impolite to the parents observing through the windows who have to look around you. With all the teaching equipment and swimmers along that wall we need the rest of the deck there to be clear if we have to move quickly in an emergency. It is also helps with the lesson transition time with swimmers moving in and out. No matter where you are sitting please refrain from interacting with the swimmers in class. It distracts both your swimmer and their classmates and potentially undermines that instructors authority.

  • Be careful How Your Talk About the Pool and Swimming – Please be careful how you talk to your little swimmers about the pool and swimming. The instructors need to establish trust and rapport so the swimmers can relax and learn. Swimmers who come in talking about drowning are much more of a challenge. It is important that we teach respect for the risks associated with water activities without encouraging fear. At Aqua Culture we talk about making everyone SafeR not Safe because there is always Risk and our goal is to give swimmers tools to mitigate the risk.